The BAMA Experience

Our Vision – Your Future

The campus master plan for our university embodies a visionary outlook that seeks to create a campus community that is highly connected, collaborative, inclusive, and safe. The plan seeks to create an environment that fosters innovation and discovery, enabling students, faculty, and staff to reach their full potential. In short, the 2023 UA Master Plan aims to create The Bama Experience.

Connection & Collaboration

The vision for The Bama Experience is rooted in the idea of a highly connected campus, where people and resources are brought together to create a dynamic and inclusive environment. The master plan recognizes that collaboration is key to creating a thriving academic community and seeks to facilitate connections and partnerships across departments and disciplines.

Innovation & Discovery

The master plan also highlights the importance of innovation and discovery. The plan aims to foster a culture of creativity and experimentation, encouraging students, faculty, and staff to push boundaries and explore new ideas. This will be achieved by creating state-of-the-art research facilities, promoting interdisciplinary collaboration, and investing in emerging technologies.


Another key priority of the master plan is inclusivity, recognizing that diversity and equity are essential to the success of the campus community. The plan seeks to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where all students, faculty, and staff feel valued and supported.


Finally, the master plan also emphasizes safety. The plan recognizes that a safe and secure environment is essential to the success of the campus community. It seeks to create a culture of safety by implementing best practices in security and emergency management and by providing resources and support to students, faculty, and staff.

The Bama Experience is more than just attending classes or working at our university. It is a vision that will serve as a guide for the future growth and development of our university, creating a dynamic and innovative academic community that is grounded in these core values. By embracing The Bama Experience, students, faculty, and staff can unlock their full potential and become part of a thriving, connected campus community.